Monday, April 03, 2006

there comes a call...

There comes a call for renewal. For reexamination; for action inducing introspection; for being stronger and taking courage. Over the weekend I felt that call . There comes a time to end equivocation. A time for the beginning of being firm in one’s mind . So I am beginning (v) at the beginning (n) beginning (adv?) now.

My goal is to write everyday (like he suggests)
My goal is to walk everyday
My goal is to read everyday
My goal is to trust everyday
My goal is to play everyday
My goal is to exercise…everything (mind, spirit, body, heart) everyday.

Part of becoming what I am hoping to become requires courage. I remember on my mission thinking the exact same thing—realizing that the success that I was waiting for depended largely on how I spent my time (self discipline) but had even more to do with my own belief in my personal capacity to be successful. Once I made it to that place, I had success. Strange, the arithmetic growth.

As such, this site is going to change again. It can’t just be a place of discussion on one topic. It must be a place for the discussion and exposition of all the various things that I am thinking about. I can’t sit down and write every day about how hard getting into graduate school is going to be—and I want to sit down and write every day. Not that I can publish everything that I want to write here... but at least there is the motivation of that potential.

See you tomorrow.

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