Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, I read Bourne Identity for about 100 pages... eh. I'm sure it's a great book. I just kept thinking--I'd rather just watch the movie. Pretty lame for those of you who might have actually read it through. Oh well.
I've switched to the Asher Lev book and must say that I like it much more. The protagonist doesn't wield any handguns with silencers and there haven't been any car chases yet, but--well--what can I say? I get just as much excitement from a book about religion and art. Snob? Probably. The book has more great stuff about the paradoxes in life--especially religious life. It mentions riddles on several occasions and one that I liked was this (each phrase has a different answer and each has to do with life):

One I don't know
The second I don't see
The third I don't remember

I'd be interested to hear some of your guesses. I am horrible at riddles, but I know there are some smart people in this family. I'll post the answer in a day or two.

As most of my readership (of 4) knows, I got an unofficial acceptance from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York today. I was telling Tina this evening that RPI is probably tied with UT Austin for my top choice as their program emphasizes nearly every aspect of rhetoric and communication that I find most interesting: visual rhetoric, graphic design, web design, etc. The riddle here is that tuition is over 30K a year, so we can't afford to go there unless we get funded; we might not. Only 6 students are offered funding of the 12 or so admitted. There are other riddles: Troy, NY is part of the Albany 2nd Branch (gulp) and Troy is 2,500 miles from Tucson and 2,200 miles from American Fork. The move alone would be a monumental undertaking in and of its self.

But can I just say this? I got accepted to something prestigious. It feels really good.


  1. I have lots of comments..i'll post in chunks.
    but here's the first thing...guess who told me last night that RPI has a "shake table," the very thing brandon is looking for in a phD, would THAT be the bomb or what. :) who knows about funding for anyone...but let's just dream about that for an hour or so.

  2. okay, comment #2. Were you implying that it's religious? If so, how about "1-"I don't know" the future, and God's hand in it 2-"I don't see" the immediate present and God's hand in it, (at least sometimes we don't)and 3-"I don't remember" the past, at least with bitterness, because of way I CAN see God's hand in it."
    I'm no go at riddles either. this just struck a chord with me. making stuff up. :)

  3. If we do end up in NY, it would be beyond our wildest dreams to have you even in Ithaca at Cornell--let alone in the same little town...!

  4. Brandon writing now.

    #1 Congrats on RPI. Sounds a bajillion times better than teaching seminary. Feel good about that too.

    #2 You use big words. Just an observations.

    #3 I've been wanting to read "The architectur of happiness" by Alain de Botton...every hear of that dude? He is a philospher.

  5. Brandon still...

    To bad they don't have a spell check feature on comments.

  6. hey Brandon--never read it. the only faux philosophy book I've ever attempted was "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" I didn't really get it--but that was 5 years ago and I'd like to try again. Maybe now that I actually own some tools it will be more clear (having tools lately is a claim to manliness that I use any chance I get!). Let me know what you think. Oh yeah--for built in spell check--download and start using Firefox as your web browser. I think that it's better than Internet Explorer anyway-but the new version has built in spell check (though it didn't like my spelling of "faux" above)!

  7. by the way, I must have known to post my guess, because I knew that jon could make it into something much cooler. mean faces to the rest of you who didn't try.

    Jon, your words are so awesome. love them.

  8. wrote that on the wrong post...sorry! it went with the next one, where jon solves the puzzle.