Thursday, April 05, 2007

The End of an Era..?

About a year ago, my buddy who hosts for me (Mat Richins) got an email from Jon Stone offering $500 bucks for the domain. Yes, there are many other Jon Stones out there, I guess, and this one has his eye on my site. I scoffed when I heard--HA! I am the only Jon Stone who really matters (except that dude with the big beard who was the writer for Sesame Street before he kicked the bucket). I laugh in the general direction of your $500!

A few months later he upped the ante to $1000. My pride bubble grew--dollar signs in my eyes. If i sit on this long enough, I thought, it could be my chance at millions!

Well, as we tabulate the costs of moving, paying a rent deposit, going on extended vacation, etc., that $1000 bucks is looking a bit more appealing. So- I offered the dude $1500. He was all over it. (Man! should have offered it for 2K!). I have to give him time to drum up the cash, but it looks like is in its final stretch.

Fear not, dear family! I will be able to very easily transfer all of the happiness on the site to a new domain. Unfortunately, most of the good ones (,,, and on and on) are taken already. Right now, the best I can do are and So--your job, should you care to participate, is to vote on either of those or use your creative juices to come up with another site with an appropriate title to host the picture vault that is currently You can check and see if that domain is available by plugging it into a domain availability search engine like the one here or here.

I actually like It has a nice ring to it and works well as a place where many of us with stone connections can post pictures of our families. I don't doubt in your abilities to come up with something better, though. Go for it!


  1. As you will see I am having way too much fun with this. Here are some of the highlights:

    STARMASTERSGUIDE.COM is available!
    MASTEROFSTARS.COM is available!

    JONWSTONE.COM is available!
    JONATHANWSTONE.COM is available!
    STONEORAMA.COM is available!
    MYOWNSTONE.COM is available!
    STONELIKEAROCK.COM is available!
    ETPHONESTONE.COM is available!

    This is according to

  2. stone-o-rama? Jon stone, you couldn't think that up on your own? :)

    I like house of stone although the .org is a bit of a bonafide might have some random hits because of that.

    i actually like jonstonefamily just as much, especially since it still includes the famous jonstone part.

    so, I'm no help. but I'm glad you guys could be hooked up at the right time. moving is expensive. yucks.

  3. I just went to we have some sweet cousins! :)

  4. I am surprised nobody caught the big typo in the title of this post. I have now fixed it: but to those of you who may have been wondering "The End of and Era" was not a clever play on words... it was a dumb mistake.

    No biggie.