Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mamma, if that's moving up, then I'm...

Moving out. Well--maybe just setting up duel residences. Don't worry, Mamma--I'm talking about blog residences. I think that it in the end it is only somewhat (rather than completely) presumptuous of me to move over into two spaces--lest, as one reader puts it--I subject myself (literally and figuratively) to being seen in my swim shorts by folks who didn't sign up for that kind of show (thanks, Audrey).

Throwing up some generic boundaries, which are (as we are learning in that class I mentioned) not very thick and allow for some modulation, will allow, I hope, for a bit more pointed kinds of topics and discussions on both blog spaces. Here is how it will break down as far as I see it at the moment:

My new blog, Stone's Soup (and if you have never read the fable "Stone Soup," you should go to the library and check it out--it usually appears as a picture book and there are at least 10 versions), will be a place where I talk about the issues that, arguably, I care about most: family, friendships, faith, flowers, fiddles, and fish sticks (Okay--got a little carried away with the alliteration there). The Guide will stay basically the same, sans long vacation monologues and other topics where it is likely that there may be swim trunks sightings (again, both literally and figuratively).

So your question may be, "which should I read?" And I guess that is the beauty. You can read both, but at least now you will be more prepared for what you're going to get.


  1. awesome, and i love that book!

  2. yay!!! I'm famous now, I was mentioned in your blog!!!