Tuesday, December 18, 2007

breakin' (the electric booger-loo)

The first few days of break have been fun, if chaotic. Tina's twist has made for busy dad.

We did have fun today building this snowman.

Things in the queue:

  • Blog my "best music of 2007" list (i know you've been waiting)
  • Record some music... my "hummingbird" and "transparent, see?" (or sometimes titled as the response to that question: "transparent, si!") are in serious need of tape so I can move on and write some new tunes or something (gotta get some music recording software for this as I lost my old program in a hard drive crash over summer time). Once they are done, I will hook y'all up with some linkage.
  • Watch two documentaries among other "catch-up" movie watching: "king of kong" and "helvetica"
  • read some non-requireds, including the latest addition of our department's arty zine (or "arts and literary journal") 9th letter that has been sitting on my shelf since August.
  • Play with photoshop and learn some really basic design techniques (gonna have to check out a book or something).
  • figure out spring schedule
  • start reading my textbook that I am teaching next semester
  • roll up to Chicago to retrieve fab sis-in-law. Hoping for some cool lessons from her.

happies to report:
  • quit the caffeine cold turkey a few days before I started writing final papers and stuff. Thought that 7 Zeros a day was just too much. I jonze after the cokage though and have been trying to fight it off with diet root beer and Illinois's favorite non-sugared carbonated beverage La Croix. Used to make me gag, now--not as much.
  • made cool new header for this blog by ripping off some cool design and searching the last hour for cool fonts
  • finally finished The Devil in the White City--the book that I started at the end of the summer--it stinks to only have read one fun book in 3 months. 'twas good, though I liked the world's fair stuff more than the murderer profile business. We are going to one of the few remaining buildings from said fair which currently is the home of this xzibit (not this one)
  • Am more and more amazed each day (especially being home now 24/7) at the feat that is being a mother and the amazing one that my wife is (especially since she has been off her feet). Tina should wear a cowboy hat and shaps because what she does with the kids is nothing short of wrangling a herd (and a very cute herd at that) of cattle.
  • have decided that writing in complete sentences is for the birds
  • got back major paper that I spent nearly every waking moment last week writing with high marks and compliments (as well as compelling critique--which is so great... when there are equal portions of both).
we'll talk soon.


  1. what a GREAT update! loved the snowman, and the happy boy beside it (and couldn't be happier about the photographer's paper get-back)I think you must have learned the non-complete sentence thing from me, you're scatter-brained, half-dead sister (aka new mother of 2, have no idea how tina does three)....I think in my head it saves all kinds of time...but then I realize I'm probably only leaving out an "I."....oh well, still feels good!

    you're the bomb or something!! no more falling and NO MORE SHOVELING IN SANDALS! :) love m

  2. "your" sister, not "you're" sister (although YOU ARE SISTER is a bit intriguing)....lame.