Thursday, January 24, 2008

blog explosion

I wonder if we will look back in 20 years and think, remember blogs? What a ridiculous fad. Maybe. Though I bet that blogging will, instead, evolve. Stay tuned for that, I guess.

Instead, we have our hands a venerable blog explosion. Which is my way of saying that in the course of one week, I have gone from writing on one blogspace (I discontinued the breakoff of this blog a month or so ago, in case a few of you have links or feeds from it), to--count them--four blogs. I know: holy cow.

This is the first. The original. Woot.

The second you can find here, and is the blog I am required to keep for my writing with video class.

The third is a collaboration. I am one of 16 bloggers. It is the blog for my class. My students will be looking for "text in its natural habitat" taking pictures, posting links... it should be fun. I hope.

The fourth is unlinkable, but is in connection with my New Media theory class. It's on a secure site, and is, I'm afraid, the most boring of the three. Feel free to keep an eye on the others if you'd like.


  1. i with you on that bro. although i'm having thoughts right now of "blogging because i have to? ...that takes all the fun out of it." haha. i wonder how your students feel about that.

  2. blogging... I'm more a reader! Mom B.

  3. I'm still amazed at how blogging speaks to the nosiness in all of us. I think that's what makes it so popular, actually. when else in history have you been able to know so much about so many of your "sorta" friends without any commitment? for that, I don't think it will ever fad out. (mark my words here, so you can laugh at me in the near future.) however, i think the class blogging experience is a definite child or 2nd generation of the blogging world, and therefore part of its ongoing evolusion.