Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Brightest Diamond @ Solar Culture

At the end of our jam fest, Jon T. and I went to an rad show at the eclectic Tucson venue Solar Culture. I have written here about My Brightest Diamond before--but this show really sealed the deal for me: Shara Warden is amazing.

This was more of a vocal performance than a rock & roll show--she also had an amazing cellist and even more amazing violinist/multi-instrumentalist. Check him playing the singing saw at the beginning of the video.

Anyway, Tina always complains that Shara's a screamer. This song is the closest she came to screaming, which--as you will see--isn't very. Enjoy my first attempt at video bootlegging!

My Brightest Diamond @ Solar Culture 11/29/08, Tucson, AZ from starmaster on Vimeo.

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