Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cool apps

I've run into a storage problem on my MacBook. I need to get a larger hard drive, but there is this little thing called money that I don't have a lot of. So, I have been doing what I usually do--looking for ways to do what I want without spending more money. One thing that really helped out this morning was this cool, free (open source--Mac only) application called Grand Perspective, which, basically scans your hard drive and tells you what files are using the most space. I like this app especially, though, because it gives you a clickable visual representation of that space. I was able to move 50 gigabytes--nearly a fourth of my hard drives total capacity(!)--to an external drive and thereby free up much needed space for other pressing projects.


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  1. this makes absolutely no sense to me. but I'm glad you're happy. :)

    thanks for the "peeing your pants is cool" card. My birthday is living on!