Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vintage Vinyl

I got a turntable for my birthday and have slowly been building up a small record collection.

Last Saturday, our local public radio station had a pledge drive where local listeners could donate their old records, cds, movies and electronic equipment. Then, folks like me could come and buy it up at $1-$2 a pop. I spent about $35. Here's what I got:

Fiddler on the Roof Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Mary Poppins Original Cast Soundtrack
Boris Karloff reads Peter and the Wolf

Old-time Country:
Country's Greatest Hits
60 Years of Country Music

(Believe it or not, these are two I am most interested in and most excited about--We're not talking contemporary, corporate Country here, folks. We're talking roots music and I'm eating it up. I'm really excited about exploring roots stuff and part of that search starts here, I figure. It goes back to the early early stuff: Jimmie Rodgers, Carter Family, Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys, woo!)

60s & 70s
The Best of Buffy Sainte Marie (this is a wild card, actually--I've never heard of her, but she had a resonator guitar on the cover of the album and I thought, "eh--it's only a buck!"
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: 4 Way Street
John Denver- Back Home Again (with Grandma's Feather Bed!)
History of Eric Clapton
Beach Boys- Endless Summer (this is the only one I kind of regret--I should have got a real Beach Boys album, but I don't think they had any)

Hits collections from:
Gladys Knight & the Pips
Ray Charles
The Temptations

Elton John- Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (this record has my favorite EJ song on it, "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" and really rad packaging. I have seen it in record stores for $15, I got it for $1)

James Taylor:
Sweet Baby James
In the Pocket
(I have 5 JT records now)

Stevie Wonder: Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (this one I'd never heard of, and was unopened. It's a soundtrack, I guess.)

Micheal Jackson- Thriller (Seth really loves the tune "Beat It"--he's gonna love Thriller)
Genesis- Invisible Touch (Probably the first record I ever listened to in it's entirety, 7 years old at Justin's house)
Tracy Chapman- Eponymous ('cause she's awesome)

Pretty eclectic little collection, eh? I'm having fun and all of this great music cost about the equivalent of two or three new CDs.

I also bought a pair of speakers for $5. Trying to think of a rig where i can set them up in the kitchen or basement and run them off my receiver's B channel.

Fun stuff.

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  1. awesome eclectic mix!
    my suggestion- no sound equiptment in floody basement.