Sunday, March 28, 2010

Muzzle of Bees posts

Howdy folks. I know, I know. An actual update? Incredible ! Absurd! Unthinkable! Well, really its kind of a half-post. Not totally new content, just a collection of the posts I have made over the last five months as a contributor to the blog Muzzle of Bees.

It was a lucky connection to have made--basically I responded to an inquiry on twitter for a new contributor and my being in Champaign-Urbana was a good fit for the regional audience of the blog (Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and now CU). The perks are nice: review passes to concerts, occasional free music to review and keep up with, and--perhaps best of all--a new network of friends and connections in the music/blog-criticism world. It's been fun. Here's a list of my posts with links (from most recent to oldest):

If you just read one, check out the one titled "Golden" Moments. I think it is fairly representative of the best part of having a blog that lots of people actually read.


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