Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hitting the road

Everything we own is outside in a big yellow truck. We are packed and ready. My back is aching! After the glorious upgrade to the fancier truck, the load went smoothly--especially with the help from the four Bonanza men who helped us intricately place each item in its place.

Tomorrow's destination: Vega, Texas (9 hours from Tucson as the crow flies)

Thursday's destination: Springfield, MO (with a stop in Oklahoma City for lunch at Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar And Grill." (8 hours)

Friday we pull into Champaign after a stop in St. Louis at the ever-famous Arch. (6.5 hours).

We're only supposed to go 55 in the truck since we are pulling a trailer so it's gonna take us a bit longer.

There should be good Champaign folk to help up unpack when arrive.

See you when we get there.


  1. Good luck, you guys!

    Lara (and Joel too) Neves

  2. Seriously you should think about stopping here in Dallas TX!!

    Drive safe and have fun on that long trip!