Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is it really a blog if...

...the dude never posts?

I am sorry folks. Wasn't I just whining about how I seemed to have so much to say that I needed two blogs to contain it? I just typed and then deleted a pledge to post daily as an exercise in both writing and discipline, but let's face it: It probably won't happen. So at least I am being honest with myself about it... or something.

This week it's gotten a bit colder. Tina taught me the proper (or at least fancy) way to wear a scarf. It's been harder to get out of bed--especially after being up half the night with restless kids with runny noses. This morning was the first morning that I full on skipped both parts of my other daily activities pledge (30 min study/30 min exercise) that I started after General Conference. So, with all of these horses on the move, it's hard to know which ones to get get back on after the initial fall.

More posts in the near future: likely.

Potential for anything very thought provoking or worth-your-while in those posts: unlikely.

Keep checking back anyway though.

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