Sunday, February 17, 2008

.docx why dost thou torment me

bane? Yes. Apparently it is a better, more stable, smaller file... but good grief.

Get this: A .docx file saved with Microsoft Office '07 will NOT open in Mac Office '08.

I can't think of anything more frustrating when it comes to collecting papers from my students.

(I know--.doc will work pretty much universally, but why have .docx on both versions of the software if it doesn't work universally? Apparently, there will be some sort of conversion available later, but in the meantime-- all I can say is blec.)



  1. That is vary annoying. I think the converter at might help you to convert them to .doc so you van read them.

  2. now look at that, a HELPFUL comment. i was just going to say "I second the blec!" :) way to be, mat!

  3. Just require plain text files from now on! Or use RTF, or PDF format. Or just keep complaining about MS Office and keep using it anyway!

  4. thanks for the assistance, dear fellows. Noted and noted.

  5. for the Mac you need NeoOffice, the mac version of Open Office ... works fine for converting ... include docs sent by our dear advisor...