Sunday, May 11, 2008

big, gigantic sigh of relief

The semester is all but over. I have 14 papers to read and grade, and that should take me a few hours tomorrow, but beyond that, my own coursework has been signed, sealed, and delivered.

There have been several bloggable items occur in the last month since last postage. Starting from the top:

I said goodbye to the White Macbook that I was able to use as part of my affiliation with Writing with Video. It wasn't as teary as I had expected, though, since I purchased a last-gen, mega-marked down ($499 off the regular price) black Macbook several weeks ago. It is so, super sweet. This is the very first laptop that I have ever bought and I spend evenings polishing it with a diaper. Many thanks to friend Mat for giving me access to Grandma Powerbook for so many years... she has now passed, but made me look super retro in my first year in the hood here.

I had a great experience in that Writing with Video class previously posted about and am finding all sorts of ways that New Media works into some of my more general academic interests. If you'd like to see the 4 projects that preceded the final project, please feel free to visit my blog from that class (see sidebar link). They are all there.

Related to those New Media interests, I submitted an abstract as part of a panel for next year's CCCC's (Conference on College Composition and Communication). It is my very first attempt to participate in a large-scale conference. My co-panelists are all advanced students in the program and I feel totally lucky to be included. Our panel (in a very small nutshell) is focused on how internet communities are poised to influence "real world" democratic processes. We still have to get accepted, but if we do (and here is the most exciting part), the conference is next March in San Francisco!

Hmm..let's see, what else...Oh--the most important thing

There are two sweet women who deserve more words from me than I could sit here and write. When I was a child, I called the first Mom and the other, my own children call by the same name. It's a popular name: I just happen to know and love two of the best.

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