Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the sparrow

Here is a first look at my final writing with video project.

(the sparrow)

a boy on his own with the birds


  1. wow jon, that is intense! i can't even imagine how much film you had to make just this piece. being a mom, having seth walk around and not finding mom made me so sad!
    well done, and well acted! it made me think of the outtakes on the Little Rascals movie.

  2. Close call on what I liked most, the piece, or the out takes. :)

  3. The movie was great and tugged at my heart! The outtakes were hilarious! Jonas standing in the window... Seth and Maryn, kind of like herding cats! Mom

  4. Very good work. I am very impressed with the mood you created. You certainally have a knack for the soundtrack. Also, getting your kid to act normal in front of a camera, even ignore it, that is pretty impressive. Anytime I get a video camera out my kids go berzerk, so I guess that is to yours and Seth’s credit.

  5. What a fine effort! Seth is so natural and relaxed in front of the camera. I showed it to most of my students and they really liked it. you did a great job. Wow. -Dave

  6. Jon
    You raise me up!. Your directorial skills are ridiculously brilliant. I love you.