Tuesday, August 05, 2008

too much to say... why don't we start with Radiohead and Mates of State

I could have written a post every day for the last, say, ten days and still not gotten in all of the excitement. It has truly been an amazing past few weeks.

So let's just start here at Lollapolooza .

You got that right, I was chilling backstage with Mates of State and got to watch their set standing behind them on the stage. They were super nice and Whitney from USA today's blog "Pop Candy" was super awesome to give me the opportunity. So that was that. In this cut from the set, you can actually see my friends Jon and Mat in the crowd. John has a light blue shirt, glasses and a hat on, Mat dark glasses to his right. The dude that starts waving his arms does so right in front of Mat. You can't really see me in any of the clips, but I am stage right (left side of the stage from your perspective). See the picture below.

And then, of course was the fact that I was there in Chicago with my best friends (John was in the city if not with us at the show) and we were there to see my favorite--everybody's favorite!--band Radiohead. And they were perfect. We were pretty close, so we didn't get the same vibe as others did standing 50,000 people back from the stage with the semi-fans. We were pretty close. And it was incredible--better than my wildest expectations. The band played. The rock & roll band PLAYED.

Anyway, I just saw this. This is Ed from Radiohead being interviewed by some dude... but what kills me is that the band playing behind the interview is Mates of State. So that means that just feet from where I was standing, in one of the little tents behind me was Ed from Radiohead. Wow.

I'll be back soon with more.

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