Wednesday, August 27, 2008

on finishing short novels whilst sitting under a tree

Today marked the official end of summer for me.

I know, I know. The semester offically began on Monday, and I have been working at least full-time hours for the last three or four weeks, but I didn't actually have a seminar until today. Granted, that seminar is with one of my favorite people here, but you know--it means that I have to officially set aside my own reading--most of which has been fun, some of which has been challenging.

I was able to take a brief moment today, before said seminar, and finish one of those books under a tree in the middle of our busy quad. Frisbees were being tossed, shirtless dudes were tightrope walking across their little tree-tied strap, sun shined, ants crawled (on my arm) and it was a moment. What a pretty place and what a pretty time to be in this place. Oh, and the book was Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat which is simply hilarious (and a bit tragic).

Without really realizing it, to conclude my first full summer in Champaign, along with reading a book about Monterey, CA (one of my favorite locals), I also happened to listen to the Beach Boys's Sounds of Summer: thirty songs of unadulterated, reverby, 3-part-harmonied, beachiness. (Which was followed, incidentally, with the Beatles White album, which is quite the lovely opposite.)

Despite the busyness, it has been a good summer. It had some amazing moments--but I hope to actually make it out of Illinois next summer.


  1. I had a great summer reading my brains out! I can't even tell you everything I read but it was glorious! I even stayed up one night until 3:30 and finally made myself turn off the light! I was still wide awake mind you! I can relate reading as opposed to frisbee tossing and tightrope walking! I need to elevate my choices though... Mom B.

  2. For those keeping score, the tightrope walking is called 'slacklining'. They stretch climbing webbing between trees and walk across it, sometimes doing cool tricks (like backflips! whoa!)

  3. Blah, blah, blah..! slb thinks he knows everything! Slacklining, huh? I had no idea.