Sunday, September 07, 2008

my schedule (and that crazy confusing Communication community)

I had a pretty intense week.  I felt tricked by Labor day, because even though it meant I didn't have to teach, my other responsibilities were unchanged.  So, after playing for most of Monday, I clicked into panic mode and didn't really click out of it until after my Thursday afternoon seminar. 

My classes this semester are going to be pretty good, I think.  One, from afore mentioned favorite person on campus, on Aristotle promises to be challenging, but fundamental. It is my largest seminar to date, with something like 16 people in it from several disciplines. Should be good.

The other class I am taking is called "Communication in Context" and should also be good. We started by discussing genre theory--which was kind of fun, because I have studied it before and felt less lost than I typically do at first.

It's funny: my community college experience was in Speech Comunication, but neither rhetoric or Aristotle were ever mentioned. (Ha!)  Then, for my first degree in "Communication"--which I chose because of "communication" in speech communication--was only tangentially related to the communication I was introduced to in CC--and I ended up studying the social science instead of the discourses of communication (i.e. rhetoric) that I may have found more interesting.  But, I was clueless.  I just wanted a degree. Only now, finally, and after two more degrees in English, are the treads that originally interested me in Communication crossing back over (and by now, I mean in the last several years).

I mean, the English field has some disciplinary issues, but holy cow: Communication? I mean, Speech Comm here at the U of I just dropped the Speech and folded itself back into the conglomeration that is Communication studies... how do they keep their action straight?   (All that was to say that I think that my Comm class is going to be great--and right in line with my interests over in Writing Studies.)  

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  1. this is michelle. and THAT was crazy confusing. no wonder it's taken you this long to figure out what in the heck you really want to do. :) next time, go into MUSIC. it's pretty straightforward. okay, unless you'd like to make a living...