Friday, May 20, 2011

Elsinore at Summerfest + exclusive Chemicals remix

By Jon Stone | @jwstone - June 21, 2010

Champaign's Elsinore is on the brink. Their album Yes Yes Yes arrives, finally, in August. Finally because it's been a long time coming. The band has been sitting, patiently, on the finished material for at least a year: waiting for the right label, the right moment, and touring incessantly in the meantime. That label has been selected (Parasol) and that moment has almost arrived. Yes Yes Yes will be worth the wait. All the touring has conditioned the band into top form making each of their live shows an opportunity not to be missed.

Now is your chance.

They're headed up to Milwaukee for Summerfest this week and will be playing in WMSE's event (on the Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage) in front of Collections of Collonies of Bees on Thursday night. I just can't imagine a scenario where your making the effort to see them would end in disappointment. Elsinore is disappointment proof. Here, let me prove it: The good guys in the band have provided Muzzle of Bees readers with an exclusive remix of their song "Chemicals."

My formula for good pop music isn't very complicated. It's gotta get me tapping my foot a bit; it has to be singable, and it has to be interesting enough to have at least one moment where I'm thinking: "Wow. How do they do that?" So with Elsinore, well, I guess I should just say that this is one of the most compelling examples of good pop music that I've heard in a while

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