Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Brightest Diamond (aka Shara Warden)

A year or so ago, Sufjan Stevens was on Austin City Limits and I noticed this striking brunette singing back-up for him (as well as playing various instruments). I soon learned that this woman was in fact Shara Warden and she had a band of her own (My Brightest Diamond). After listening to hear album stream numerous times here, I had to buy it and did when we were in Berkeley over the summer break (at Amoeba). On my last weekend in Phoenix, Shara played a solo show that I was able to attend and she blew me away with her vocal, guitar, and over-all creative talent.

So I need to share (this is a good look at what was like in solo mode):

And here is a full band version (I know the same song is in there):


Coming soon: my first foray into the land of sushi making.

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