Monday, March 31, 2008

junkie's lament

Well, I'm sitting here after one day feeling like a junkie. Seriously! One day away from the my little hoarded repository of info, and I've got the proverbial shakes. I guess you could call me undisciplined; I would agree--it's public enemy #1 around these parts. But, today--even away from the 'feeds wasn't any better as far as distractions go. I was still unable to concentrate for long periods of time--as I mentioned to my brother, distraction has worked its way into my workflow. It's part of the process.

So, I may alter the fast parameters a bit or abandon the experiment all together. Maybe I'll just stay off it for the day, and soak my tired feet in it come nighttimes. Though, today wasn't a day that being away from the internet was that useful or helpful--well, I guess that it was good to be away from the constant flow of information that has little or nothing to do with me--I should just delete those feeds, I suppose. Trying to avoid it was only a testament to how much I use it.

Listen to that justification, folks. I thought that I could live without it, I guess no, no no.

Tonight I have to grade some papers, don't want to go, go, go.

(oh, and for those keeping score--24 hours = 300 unread feeds).


  1. okay, I have to admit, I didn't know how you were going to do it.

    the internet is bizarre for me. it's full of the "didn't know I really needed to know or see this....but I must because it's keeping me from doing chores and attending to me little ones!" (this is real time people...happening to me AS WE SPEAK!) just read a book set 150 years ago. and I couldn't help but be a little jealous of their detachment, their isolation from each other. sounded refreshing.

    what a find though, that distraction is part of the workflow process. this has to be a new, generational thing, wouldn't you say? are we the better for it? hmm. don't know. DO know, though, that fasting can be nothing but good. self control, on all levels. I dare you to go for a second day. (that didn't include nighttime). and I dare myself to not hop on again tonight until all my other 'uns are taken care of.

  2. When we were in Italy, I checked my email twice a day at the hotels. When were were out in the 'country', it was less frequently and I was always looking for an internet shop to check my mail and the family blogs. Now I am not looking at feeds like you but I am still hooked just the same!

    One day at a time! If you are filling it with something else, albeit not as rewarding, it might help! Can you modify the 12 Step program?

    Mom B.