Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Bon Iver and moments of clarity

Haven't had much time to blog lately. Things are busy. I did get to go to a wonderful show this evening and felt a stirring of desire for a reawakening of musical creativity in my life (that always happens when I see an inspiring performance).

Justin Vernon is Bon Iver--the guy is just fresh and real and as down-to-earth as you could ever hope. You can still sense that passion in his voice--a voice that says "I still believe in the words that I am singing." The falsetto--and the way in which he keeps it going--boggles the hopelessly baritone mind.

Enjoy "Lump Sum" if you have a few minutes.

I'll be spending time with my family over the next week or so. I look forward to it. Being around your people has a way of re-rooting you--helping you to realize what is most important. They are good people and I look forward to traveling, tributes to a now resting Bee, long chats and strolls, and just generally clearing the ol' noggin for the home stretch.


  1. have you noticed how the feed keeps us commenters that i have it, it's even harder to leave my two cents.

    that said, this music filled my computer/baby room with happiness today, so i had to comment. and also, have to say my thanks to bee for arranging this surprise visit with jon. can't wait to give you a squeeze.

  2. my school doesn't let me listen because it thinks your website link is porn.

    looking forward to the fun? weekend.