Wednesday, June 04, 2008

last 48 hours (or so)

Monday, 10:30 pm: Laying on the couch with the fever shakes watching the last few episodes of the second season of Northern Exposure

Monday, 12:00 am: just about to sleep, my temperature: 101

Tuesday, 9:30 am: Tina let me sleep and sleep, but hadn't gone downstairs yet to discover that the basement flooded. It was at least a few inches deep at some point in the night and we were left with puddles and soaking carpets (and a few minor damage issues). Feeling better, but lungs filled with crud.

Tuesday, 5:00 pm: Sunny skies, dinner at Chipotle! (Oh, Chipotle. You are our one constant).

Tuesday, 6:00 pm: Wii Mariocart at Gamestop. Tina says "This is so freaking awesome!" Do I see Wii on the horizon?

Tuesday, 10 pm: Just about to settle into a movie, call from friend Micheal "The Tornado alarms are going off, can we come down and take shelter in your basement?" Didn't even hear the alarms.

Tuesday, 11 pm: All the kids are now up, Maryn is crying and won't stop. We are all holed up in our basement watching our crummy-reception TV wondering what to do. There is nowhere to sit downstairs though because all the rugs are up on the tables drying. Chaos.

Wednesday, 12 pm: Michael and co have gone home now, we have metamorphosed our basement into a campsite and have kids down trying to sleep, but muddy water is creeping up through our drains in the bathroom. Kids finally all asleep at 1am.

Wednesday, 2 am: Feeling crappy again. Water sounds like it is leaking in everywhere, but isn't... finally go to sleep at like 2:30.

Wednesday, 7:30 am: All the kids are up, and Tina (bless her soul), gets up with them. I wake about an hour later.

Wednesday, midday: Sunny skies, bleary eyes. Deep cough in my lungs.

Good grief.


  1. brutal. seriously brutal.

    I think you might deserve chipotle twice this week.

  2. I hate water being in places it doesn't belong! Such a mess and mostly a worry if it will happen again!

    Don't worry, I will take the early risers morning shift when I get there!

    Assessing how to get the Wii there... I think I figured it out! Wondering how to get the guitar there... bubble wrap sounds good!

  3. Don't worry, guys! Grandma is on her way!!!