Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh, vintage brown Schwinn, how do I love thee?

Let me count your spokes.

Sometimes people are just the coolest, ya know? That is how I feel about good friend and fellow-cws grad student M. This guy is a rock star. He's a rock star cyclist (he used to be one of those amazing bicycle delivery men in Manhattan); he's a rock star scholar (seriously, every time the guy opens his mouth I learn something); and he's actually a real rock star too (he's played bass in several big NY acts, and has a number of album credits)! I'm lucky to know him, let alone be his neighbor (for two more months :( ).

He's been helping me browse for bikes for a few months--but a couple of weeks ago said that he had found me a sweet frame at the bikeshop he co-ops at and was building me a ride... as a gift--as in FREE for me. Holy sweetness!

I have been letting he and his family drive my little white Civic when ever they need it, and this was his thank-you for that little act of we're-never-using-it-so-why-not service.

Anyway, so yesterday he drops off the coolest looking bike in the world. It is a brown(!), ten-speed, vintage Schwinn. With the coolest handlebars and seat ever. The seat, as you can see, has a big S for Starmaster (or Schwinn).

I went out and bought a helmet today.

Thank you M.! You are the best kind of friend.


  1. That is most excellent.

  2. How cool! Now everyone can go riding in the big church parking lot by your house! You could also ride for custard and burn off the calories before you ever consume them!

    As we speak, Scott and Dave are competing on Guitar Hero! Lots of clinks if you know what I mean!


  3. That is a sweet ride.