Friday, August 10, 2007

28 years ago

There is this Ben Folds song on his most recent album titled “Sentimental Guy.” The chorus is actually a lament that he used to be a sentimental guy. Though the rest of the song isn’t really applicable to my own life, I would say that that one line is very much true for me. I used to be a sentimental guy. If there is one thing that re-reading those old letters that I sent to Tina while I was on the mission has reminded me, it is that once upon a time, I was a real sweetie. Not only that—I could also write one serious love letter. I’m afraid that I’m just not as heart-on-my-sleeve as I used to be. I’ll admit—living in this new world is less of an emotional roller coaster, but some of that old sweetness sure would come in handy on a day like today: My sweet wife’s birthday. So without many bells or whistles, let me just say this:

My wife is still, after 7 years of marriage and 11 years of togetherness the perfect girl for me. And more now than ever before, I am in love with her.

She is a wonderful mother. Our children are better people because of her love and patience. They will turn out alright, mostly because of their mom.

She has a sense of humor that is both smart and keen.

She is beautiful. Have you seen her? Good grief.

She is patient with my daily bouts of selfishness.

And most poignant of all right now, she followed me halfway across the country in order for me to pursue my dreams.

What a wonderful woman.

I love you sweet Tina. Happy Birthday.


  1. Tina is a wonderful person and mother! But she married a great guy too! You made me cry... although it doesn't take much these days!

    Love Mom B.

  2. Happy Birthday. . . little belated!

    You guys are both wonderful people, but you are right Jon, Tina is amazing!!