Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Digs

I know that some of you (Mom) have been waiting all week for some pictures, so here are some (finally). Last night we got the remainder of the stuff put away, and now it's just a matter of getting pictures hung and that kind of stuff.

There is an update on the status of the purchase. The "other" Jon Stone finally has the cash together, so the site's days are numbered. It has been a good run. I am thinking that rather than mirror what is on the current site in a new domain, I am just going to start an online Picassa page with new pictures. I will send out a link to that site as soon as goes black (here's to hoping that whatever is about to become is not a naughty site that people will go to expecting to see our kids!)

Front Door
Front Room

Basement Playroom

Computer Area

Back Door

Backyard Area (thumbs up from Seth)

As you can see, the backyard isn't really that grassy, but the kids should have some fun exploring back there (that is, if Seth can overcome his fear of bugs!). I know that there aren't any pictures here of the upstairs rooms. I will get those up eventually. For now, just imagine three very small rooms.

More later, off to Chipotle!

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  1. Hurrah!!!

    Now I can picture you all in your new digs!! Thanks for the post. . . everything looks great!! Happy Birthday to Tina tomorrow!!

  2. Nothing wrong with an older home. Older home = personality (and odd smells JK!!!) Not to mention anything was a step up from where we were before right?!

    You guys are amazing. All moved in, just within a week. We have been our new home for a month, still trying to move in!