Sunday, August 26, 2007

First week: check

(continuing the "number of..." mantra from last post)

Number of actual seminars attended: one

Number of hours spent reading for that one class: 12 (this sounds bad—I guess to my defense, I have been reading really easy fiction for the last six months and my break from academic reading shows. I assume this will get better. :flexing intellectual muscles:)

Number of classes that I haven’t been to yet of which there is bound to be much more complicated, theoretical, reading to muddle through: 2

Number of class periods taught: two (so far so good!—I amazed myself and rattled off each of their names on the second day.)

Number of times attempted to get over to gym to figure out swim schedule: 0 :( (this week!)

Number of really cool, outdoor social or community events that I have attended and enjoyed with my family in the last week: 3 (this is significant because is surpasses the number of events comfortably attended in August during our YEARS in Arizona)

One little side thing to mention: I am wondering when meeting with and talking to the professors that I admire in our department will feel less like hanging out with rock stars. I hope it doesn’t fade too quickly. Since they are also so nice, hanging out with them makes me feel like I am FRIENDS with rock stars. Pretty much my boyhood dream realized.

More updates as they come…


  1. Brandon (not Michelle)...

    So do English Professors have lots of chicks and drugs? Maybe you have found a way to get more high school students to study English.

  2. Did you ever think they feel they are hanging out with a young rock star?